Sometimes what you really want is a unique blend.  The following is a snapshot of every product and service YourWebsite2Go offers, so feel free to build your own plate.

Custom Options:
• siteMaster® CMS – This platform creates the foundation of all our custom designed websites.  Content management is critical to a highly functional and effective website.  Our CMS and huge selection of modules will meet the needs of businesses that sell service, physical products or information products.  Additionally, it’s been used to develop websites for not-for-profit organizations, membership groups, political campaigns and even personal websites.  Best of all, because it's cloud-based "software as a service", your website will change with the technology and grow with your business.

• siteMaster Cart – Coupled with siteMaster CMS, siteMaster Cart adds e-commerce functionality to any website.  Whether you have a handful of simple products or a virtual showroom of thousands of items each with multiple options, siteMaster Cart creates secure and easy-to-use transactions for your customers, increasing sales and improving your reputation.  You can sell retail or wholesale, or both.

• siteMaster Project – Process and project management are critical to any high performance team.  siteMaster Project is designed to grow with your company and your teams.  This customized project management solution can be used for large one-time projects, or as a platform for managing recurring projects. Because it’s flexible and has custom designed user interface, it’s a solution that works in a wide variety of companies with diverse employee bases.  Update your projects securely from anywhere with this cloud based service.

• siteMaster Mobile -- The most powerful evolution of the internet has been its transition to a mobile world.  Optimizing your websites for smaller screens and smooth operation is critical to capturing customers who no longer sit behind a desktop PC.  siteMaster Mobile serves a custom skinned website, focused on the end user... no matter where they are, or how they access the web.

• siteMaster Touch -- Keyboards are so 2010!  With siteMaster Touch our team can create custom applications for touch screens.  Sell with a tablet.  Take orders with a SmartPhone.  Deliver custom content to customers or prospects, securely.  Finally, your business could create the next viral app that changes the way people communicate.  siteMaster Touch's only limitation is imagination.

• siteMaster Project -- Project and process management software, customized to fit your business. Keep your projects on time, on track and on budget and keep your customers in the loop.

• siteMaster Live – Your website will display video, including deep playlists of your content.  Serve the videos yourself, or integrate directly with YouTube. Simply upload your video and siteMaster does the rest.

• siteMaster FrontDesk – Custom created for resort hotels, our FrontDesk module allows customers to reserve rooms right on your website.  FrontDesk increases revenue for lodging providers of any size.

• siteMaster Events – This comprehensive module is more than a simple display calendar.  Organize and schedule your events, or allow group members to create their own.

• siteMaster Docs – Secure document management and distribution is critical to businesses large and small.  You can store your data off-site for backup or crisis management, or you can create a deep system for sharing documents inside your company or with your customers.  Every user can get the documents they need, and only the documents they need, from anywhere.

• siteMaster CustServ -  This all-in-one customer service module gives your customers the ability to login, review orders, track shipments, ask questions and more.  It can even be fitted with live chat support or on demand telephone support.

• siteMaster GiftCard – Gift cards are proven to increase revenues and profits. Your customers want them, and you need them, but managing them can be challenging.  siteMaster GiftCard can be used on your website or on stand-alone kiosks.  Customers can purchase electronic gift cards or your system can be outfitted with a magnetic strip card creator.  Best of all, the gift cards can be tracked individually so you’ll always know exactly which ones are outstanding and which have been used or expired.

• siteMaster Donate – Whether you’re raising money for political campaigns or charitable fundraisers, siteMaster Donate processes donations on your website, and generates receipts for tax purposes.  Even businesses can use it to conduct charity based promotional events.

• siteMaster Membership – Tracking membership dues can be a headache for associations large and small.  Your members will love the convenience of online renewals, special member discounts and even recurring billing.

How it Works:
You’ll provide your designer with the basic assets:
• A high resolution digital copy of your logo
• Digital copies of any marketing materials you currently use.
• Photographs or other design elements you’d like to use (Please note: You must own the copyrights or be able to verify your rights to legally use any content provided.)
• Detailed descriptions of your products, services or organization
• Videos or audio files you want displayed.
• Bring everything with you on a USB flash drive or CD and you’ll get your first draft in about a week.  We’ll load the first batch of your content and show you how to add more.

If you need a logo design, marketing materials, advertising specialties or stock photography, we can provide additional services at an hourly rate.
Licensing Fees:
Fees can be billed monthly or annually, and include hosting, domain renewals, web-mail and unlimited e-mail support.  Small website updates will also be provided at no charge, up to one hour each month.